Developing Inner Peace A Course in Spiritual Awareness

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Introducing the Course

Welcome to Developing Inner Peace

Whether we realise it or not, for each of us life is a spiritual journey. However, there is no map for our journey, and we each have our own particular quest – we just have to work it out as we go along! If we allow it to be so, it can be a journey of excitement, discovery and enlightenment; on the other hand, we can make it dull, fearful and heavy-going. The choice is ours, and we can make that choice – and even change our minds – at any time.

Once we open ourselves to the infinite range of possibilities the universe has to offer, and stop limiting ourselves by our often simplistic human understanding; once we accept that there are things in the universe that we cannot yet comprehend or explain, we begin to find that life has so much more to offer than we could ever have imagined.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who has started to wonder if there might be more to life than our ‘threescore years and ten’ on planet Earth; anyone who has started to question traditional beliefs and teachings; anyone who feels there is a purpose to their life but can’t fathom out what it is or how to get started; anyone who is concerned about the apparent injustices in life. The fact that you’ve found this course is no accident; perhaps it will help you find what you are looking for...


The approach of the course is not to teach rituals and dogma, for there are none that will suit everybody, and in any case true spirituality is not about dos and don’ts. Rather, the course is designed to enable participants to access the latent knowingness they already possess. Each module includes some reading on the topic, an example based on real-life experience to illuminate the topic further, and an exercise to help experience aspects of the topic at a deeper level.

Nor is this course about religious beliefs. Whilst there are many truths in all of the world’s major religions, all religions have been created by humankind. They have often been distorted over the ages, sometimes due to a lack of understanding or the ‘cult of personality’, most often to exercise control over followers.

The course is designed to challenge traditional teachings and beliefs. Each participant is encouraged to decide whether to accept, modify or reject outright any of the teachings.


The topics we’ll be covering in part 1 of the course are:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Spiritual Awareness
  • Module 2 - Openness
  • Module 3 - Love
  • Module 4 - Self-Esteem
  • Module 5 - Change
  • Module 6 - The Present
  • Module 7 - Responsibility
  • Module 8 - Integrity
  • Module 9 - Judgement
  • Module 10 - Relationships
  • Module 11 - Giving and Receiving
  • Module 12 - Abundance

Getting the most from the course

We suggest you keep a notebook or journal with you, where you make a note of things that occur in your daily life; extracts or quotes from books you read, etc. Jot down any key points, anything that ‘speaks’ to you, whether it is something with which you particularly agree or violently disagree, or perhaps just wonder about. In addition, you can use this notebook, or a separate exercise book, to do the exercises in the course.

You might also find it helpful to play some soft background classical or ‘new age’ music whilst you are reading the text and doing the exercises. Music activates a different part of the brain, which can assist the process of assimilation. However, this is only a suggestion, and there may be times when it suits you to play some music and other occasions when you prefer quiet. That’s fine; whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Another way to get more from the process is to find a friend to work with, someone with whom you can do each module and work through the exercises together, or who has already been through a similar process. You don’t need to show them your exercises (unless you want to), but you may find it helpful to discuss what you are experiencing during the exercises, anything you are having difficulty with and any ‘lightbulb’ moments. Be prepared to challenge each other, to look deeper within yourselves, examine your motives, help and encourage one another, offer and receive support when you are ‘blocked’ or resistant, and learn from each other’s experiences. However, be careful not to get drawn into each other’s self-deceptions and justifications.

However you decide to use it, may this course assist you to find insights that will help you lead your life with greater love, compassion and trust, and with less fear and doubt. Take from it whatever speaks to your heart, find your own truths here, and use them, as well as those messages that do not resonate with you, to create your own reality. May the course help you find your path of ‘spiritual awareness’, whatever that means to you personally.

None of the ‘truths’ in this course are new – many are, indeed, as old as the hills.

And finally...

Spiritual awareness is not a ‘spectator sport’. You cannot learn spirituality from a book (or an online course). It is something that comes from within; something each of us must experience for ourselves. It can take time and practice, so do participate as well as read.


The cost of the course is £59/€69/US$77. You may try the first module for free to see whether or not the course is for you. Once you have registered for the course, you will have a username and password that will allow you to access the rest of the modules. It is hoped that various other materials, including mp3 downloads of guided meditations, will also be made available to participants at specially reduced prices in due course.

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